• glia

    Going into a new direction I started developing the glia serie early 2016. Also deriving from organic structures, rhizoma, but even more focused on the nervous system and its components like gliacells, dendrites, neurons. Inspired by the complex properties of gliacells sustaining the neurons in their structures on the on hand, and either participating in synaptic transmission on the other. So I revisited the mesh-like structures that attracted me intensely to the rhizome-metaphor a couple of years ago with the inspired objects series (inspired stones/inspired box): The non-hierarchic organisation, endless possibilities of extension, connection & exchange of information, etc. Thus my glias represent an internal & intime area/organism interacting with the external environment, so as a paralell draft to ones personal mircrocosmos and the macro-outside like the surrounding sociotope or society. Communication: The wonderous processing of input, perception, de-& encoding, alignment and omission, etc....trying to untrain old perception habits, see the error of the blind spot, cultivate the unusual to enrich the the perspective. Exploring the minuscule leads to the big picture. Without limits imposed on physical properties, allowing ruptures & metamorphosis where atoms are getting vanquished by the vortex of forging force to be assembled in a fragile balance of new forms. Multiple conjunctions arising from chaos.